The McKellar “Contender” Bucket


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“Hey, little buddy!”

Look, don’t worry about the Gilligan jokes—those who belittle the bucket hat need to update their pop culture references. Besides, the bucket is an exceptionally functional performer on the golf course, offering comfort, breathability and far better sun protection than a standard baseball cap. One of our favorites is made by Imperial, so we chose them for this limited release featuring the classic McKellar rooster-and-lantern in navy with a matching navy grosgrain ribbon. It’s pretty strong.

We nicknamed this one “The Contender” in honor of those who bring the bucket swag to tournaments great and small — #iykyk

The McKellar Bucket is machine washable. Available in three sizes:

Medium: Fits 7” – 7 1/4” domes
Large: Fits 7” – 7 1/2”
XL: Fits 7 1/2” – 7 5/8”

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Medium, Large, Extra Large