SEAMUS x McKellar Fairway Wood Cover


  • Description


McKellar takes its first tentative steps into the frightening world of Logo Swag with this exceedingly handsome headcover from our friends at SEAMUS. Handmade in Portland, Ore., this limited-run woolen cover features the McKellar Modern tartan pattern and makes a fine companion for your fairway wood or retro persimmon 1-wood. (We’re not going to compete with your favorite driver lid–we’re not crazy people.)

Leather label features the distinctive rooster-and-lantern insignia. Also note the cheerful yellow color-pop on the inside liner.

While Auld Alex himself might frown upon such luxuries, this cover is a surefire way to improve your bag’s curb appeal while subtly showing your¬†support for one of the world’s most obscure golf journals! What could possibly be better? Not much, we say.