Issue 2 - SOLD OUT

Our launch issue had been critically well-received, but when it came time to publish its follow-up, we needed to see if McKellar’s small but growing audience truly believed in our product. We’re so happy that you did. Issue #2 was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, with readers and contributors donating special rounds of golf and all kinds of cool prizes to backers. It made all the difference in the world.

Issue #2 was published in Fargo, N. Dakota in the spring of 2019. Lawrence Canning provided cover art for “The Bartonholm Three.” We had struggled with printers’ turnaround times for this issue and wanted to get it in mailboxes so badly that the printer rushed to fill boxes before the ink was completely dry! A percentage of the covers were slightly smudged in the process–maybe yours is, too. Fortunately, these “clouds” landed in the sky of Canning’s industrial Scottish streetscape, and the overall effect actually worked.

Issue #2 and its reprint are now sold out.

The Bartonholm Three - Jack Cannon

The Bartonholm Three

Once upon a time, there was a tiny village on the industrial Ayrshire coast where golf reigned supreme. Bartonholm has been wiped from the map, but the legends of its champion amateurs live on. Journalist Tom Morton spent part of his youth living in nearby Troon – for McKellar #2, he returns to his old stomping grounds to tell the tale of a trio of working-class golf heroes who were as colorful as they were talented.

Billy Collins - The Poet in the Park

The Poet in Winter Park

In the work of Billy Collins, former poet laureate of the United States, warmth and amiable good humor often give way to startling depth. Michael Croley left his tape recorder behind for his round with the poet at Florida’s Winter Park 9 – and got teased for it – but he returned nevertheless with keen insights on golf, family, and the writer’s life.

Dottie Pepper

The World According to Dottie Pepper

Dottie Pepper is among the most popular and respected figures in golf today. The two-time major champion and veteran CBS broadcast analyst opened up to McKellar founder Lawrence Donegan on subjects ranging from her career on the LPGA Tour to her worst moment in broadcasting to her close encounter with a 700-pound black bear.

Royal North Devon Golf Course

Time & Tide

Royal North Devon, also known as Westward Ho!, is England’s oldest extant course and a veritable museum of the game. Like many UK clubs, though, it is battling the powerful effects of coastal erosion. Dan Davies returns to his former home course to find out what the future may have in store for this most charming of British links.