A Golf Companion

McKellar was conceived by a group of writers – passionate golfers – who believe there is a place in the modern media landscape for a beautifully written,  beautifully illustrated publication celebrating what is great about the sport. In the era where disposable is king, we aim to be collectible, a journal to cherish and share. Place us on your bookshelf next to your favourite novels.  

Our promises to you:

  • We will publish only the best writers, the best photographers and the best illustrators.
  • We will never bow to commercial pressure.
  • We will leave PGA Tour obsession, the swing instruction and equipment reviews to others, and concentrate instead on subjects that interest us, and hopefully you; course architecture, travel, the personalities of golf’s past and present, college golf, amateur golf and layman’s golf.
  • We will celebrate golf. Always.

What we need from you:

  • Your support. Enjoy our issues. Gift a copy to a friend. Help us spread the gospel of McKellar, online and in the real world.